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The IR-208 Gas Analyzer allows you to measure up to six different gases using multiple types of gas analysis integrated into one instrument. With a choice of gases, the instrument is a highly versatile performer.

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“We use an FGA4000XDS analyzer in the design, development, and testing of biomass and wood-burning stoves. Our sampling environment can be very hot and dirty; the analyzer performs admirably even in these conditions. We use the analyzer to help ensure compliance with EPA regulations and find the measurements to be very accurate.”

–Thomas P. Morrissey, Woodstock Soapstone Company

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Infrared Industries Boosts CEM Workhorse IR-8400D Digital Gas Analyzer

Infrared Industries has added three enhancements to their IR-8400D continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) digital gas analyzer. Tailored for the petroleum industry, the IR-8400D is designed specifically for enhanced oil recovery applications, refineries and petroleum transfer stations and other environmental monitoring applications.

IR-6000 Series Handheld Gas Analyzers Enables On-the-Go Testing

Infrared Industries has expanded their handheld gas analyzer portfolio with a new line of handheld industrial gas analyzers: the IR-6000 Series.

Infrared Industries Strengthens Global Appeal by Adding Spanish and Arabic to Gas Analyzers

Two popular Infrared Industries gas analyzers geared toward the motor vehicle industry now provide multi-language support. The FGA4500 Gas Analyzer and the HM5000 Gas Analyzer have been enhanced to offer the user the choice of English, Spanish and Arabic.

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