Standard and Industrial Filters

Infrared Industries manufactures low-cost single- and dual-filter standard filters and low-pressure and high-pressure industrial filters.

Selection Guide

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In order to keep our own costs low when we build gas analyzers and sample conditioners, we now design and manufacture our own filters, which you can buy. We make filters that remove particle sizes down to one micron and coalescing filters for removing water vapor and other contaminants in the sample stream. As with our analyzers, we have several models with the ability to customize these to meet your needs.

Our Standard Filters come in a single- or dual-filter configuration. Both have rugged polycarbonate hex bowls that can be unscrewed for easy replacement of the internal filter element. Both have o-ring seals on the perimeter so you can adjust the bowl at any position you want and it still seals without having to torque it. Both filters are highly reliable, easy to implement and use, economical and robust.

Our Industrial Filters are extremely robust and durable and constructed for very long life. They are suited for applications that place punishing demands on filters.

Why buy these filters from Infrared Industries? We have spent years perfecting the system for optimal performance and reliability. We make them in-house so we can offer them to you at a low cost and you get the convenience and assurance of buying them from a trusted source. All of our filters are available with a wide variety of grades of filters and can be customized to your particular needs.

Standard Single Filter

The Standard Single Filter can be used when any sample stream (series of gases) that is going into an analyzer or process requires a clean sample.

Standard Dual Filter

The Standard Dual Filter provides double the filtration potential and the ability to use different types of filter media.

High-Pressure Industrial Filter

The Infrared Industries High-Pressure Industrial Filter is rated at up to 3,500 psi and is a good first stage filter in a high pressure sampling application.

Low-Pressure Industrial Filter

The Low-Pressure Industrial Filter is a good general purpose filter for use in an industrial application.

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