Infrared Industries’ comprehensive range of products are designed to specifically meet our customers’ needs and requirements and give them a competitive edge. Innovation, reliability, and value are the cornerstones of our product line-up.

Gas Analyzers

Infrared Industries makes gas analyzers for the motor vehicle, industrial, utilities, energy, environmental, analytic and research, and petroleum industries. These analyzers range from 4- and 5-gas handheld analyzers to analyzers that measure over 270 different gases; several can operate in hazardous environments. Infrared Industries can manufacture an analyzer to your exact design specifications.

NDIR Benches

Infrared Industries crafts industry-leading NDIR optical benches for custom uses, including integration into OEM gas analyzer systems. Each bench is designed to your exacting specifications.


Infrared Industries has designed compact, high-performance, low-cost diaphragm pumps. Infrared Industries pumps are balanced to cut down on vibration, reduce noise, and extend the life of the pump.


Infrared Industries manufactures low-cost single- and dual-filter standard filters and low-pressure and high-pressure industrial filters.

Sample Conditioners

Infrared Industries Sample Conditioners are used to provide clean samples to gas analyzers for refineries, utilities, monitoring in combustion and heat treated atmospheres, stove emissions, laboratory, and industrial applications.


Infrared Industries has created software that allows you to remotely control, display, record, play back, plot, and print data from Infrared Industries gas analyzers.

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