Sample Conditioners Selection Guide

A sample conditioner is essential for getting clean samples to a gas analyzer. It removes heavy vapors and particulates such as moisture, dirt, oils, and rusty water. This chart will help you decide which sample analyzer best suits your application.

Feature IR-741 IR-741XP IR-1150 IR-1151
Brass wetted components x
Desktop mount x
Oilless pump x x x
Flow meter (measures SCFH, SCFM, LPM, and LPH) – SCFH is standard x x x x
Gas selector valve for zero, span (calibration), and sample gases x x x x
High pressure (withstand up to 3000 psi) sample conditioner x
Low flow alarm x
Low pressure sample conditioner x x x
Metered flow to adjust rate of sample flow x x x x
NEMA 4 certification x x x x
NEMA 7 explosion proof enclosure x
NEMA 7 explosion proof pump x x
Panel mount (wall) x x x x
Particulate filter and condensation trap x x x x
Pressure regulator with safety relief valve x x
Secondary filtering system x x
Stainless steel corrosive resistant components optional optional x x
Temperature controlled environment x
Two clean samples delivered to the analyzer
Two filter sample system x x
One year warranty x x x x
Extended warranty optional optional optional optional
Your Application
Chemical x x
Combustion monitoring for boilers and furnaces x x
Environmental monitoring x x x x
Monitoring atmospheres in heat treated and annealing furnaces and process steam control x x x
Industrial x x x x
Laboratory x
Petroleum company, refinery, or transfer station x x x
Pharmaceutical x x
Stove emissions certification x
Utility x x x x

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