IR-1151 Sample Conditioner

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  • Provides clean, dry sample to the analyzer
  • Explosion-proof pump for hazardous environments
  • A pressure regulator with safety relief valve
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Filters moisture, dirt, heavy vapors, oils and rusty water

The IR-1151 is a high-pressure sampling system designed to remove particulates and condensed vapors from the emission that petroleum companies, refineries, and transfer station are federally and locally required to monitor. This state-of-the-art sample conditioner features a two-filter sample system that is complete with a pressure regulator, flow meter, and calibration gas selector valve. Capable of withstanding up to 3000 psi, the IR-1151 removes heavy debris, moisture, heavy vapors, and oils from a sample gas. Highly engineered with a secondary filtering system where pressure drops to as low as 3 psi, it removes the smallest of particles, keeping your gas contaminant-free.

The IR-1151 is constructed of corrosive resistant stainless steel materials. A panel is supplied for mounting both sampler system and gas analyzer. Panel dimensions are 27.5" H x 23" W (69 cm x 58 cm). This unit accurately delivers a sample to an Infrared Industries IR-8400D Gas Analyzer.

Oil and gas companies use the IR-1151 to monitor processes on a daily basis to ensure that they remain within federal and state environmental compliance standards.

The IR-1151 incorporates the IR-1050 Centurion Explosion-Proof Pump. The IR-1050 Centurion Explosion-Proof Pump is used worldwide in hazardous atmospheres within the petroleum, refinery, chemical, utility, and pharmaceutical industries. The Centurion is designed for exceptionally quiet operation and an extended maintenance-free service life. Rugged, time-tested, and with a dependable diaphragm design, the Centurion uses no oil, graphite, or other contaminating lubricants that may come in contact with your sample stream.

The Centurion offers several optional wetted parts configurations to meet your most demanding and/or corrosive applications requirements. Infrared Industries comprehensive Centurion Explosion-Proof Pump classifications now include: UL (Class I, Div I group B, C, D), CSA and ATEX (EExd IIC T4 IP65).


  • Petroleum
  • Refineries
  • Transfer stations
  • Chemical
  • Utility
  • Pharmaceutical


General Specifications
Feature Included Optional
Flow meter (measures SCFH, SCFM, LPM, and LPH) - SCFH is standard x
Gas selector valve for zero, span (calibration), and sample gases x
Low pressure sample conditioner x
Metered flow to adjust rate of sample flow x
NEMA 4 certification x
NEMA 7 explosion proof pump x
Panel mount (wall) x
Particulate filter and condensation trap x
Pressure regulator with safety relief valve x
Secondary filtering system x
Stainless steel corrosive resistant components x
Two filter sample system x
One year standard warranty x
Extended warranty x




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