Gas Analyzer Selection Guide – Automotive

Infrared Industries is an established market leader in the automotive test and measurement industry, offering both handheld and portable exhaust gas analyzers for automotive performance tuning, diagnostic, and emission testing. This chart will help you decide which model best suits your application.

Measure HC, CO, CO2, O2, and NOx (optional) x x x
Calculate AFR, Lambda, GPM, and GPK x x x
Measure RPM optional optional optional
Handheld x
Multi-language support (English, Arabic, Spanish, or custom language) x x
Large super bright LED display x
Internal printer with custom print-outs optional optional
External printer with custom print-outs optional optional optional
BAR-90 certified x x compliant
BAR-97 performance specifications met x x x
Canada AirCare certified x x compliant
OIML Class I Gas standards met or exceeded x x
Rechargeable battery optional optional x
Ability to plug into car cigarette lighter x x x
AC/DC power cable plus fuse x x x
Built-in data recorder x x x
Remote control, display, and play back of data through IRI Display Software x x x
Dual exhaust measurement x x x
Internal water separator and purge pump x x x
Extended warranty available x x x
10 foot sampling hose x
25 foot sampling hose x x optional
Motorcycle fittings optional optional optional

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