Standard Single Filter

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The Standard Single Filter has one polycarbonate hex bowl with a bracket mounting and can be used for simple applications.

The Standard Single Filter can be used when any sample stream (series of gases) that is going into an analyzer or process requires a clean sample.

Filters have o-ring seals on the perimeter so you can adjust the bowl at any position you want and it still seals without being torqued. These filters are highly reliable, easy to use, economical, and robust.


General Specifications
Polycarbonate hex bowl One
Easy replacement of internal filter yes
O-ring seals yes
Bracket mounting optional
Rated up to 100 psi
Automatic drain and syphon drain with valve that works as check valve optional
Different types of filter media available Tri-compound coalescing
5 micron and 10 micron
Port size 1/8"




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