• “I love your gas analyzers, which we use in instructing our students. They are good machines and are indestructible.”

    — Ronald Kapusta, Universal Technical Institute
  • “The Infrared Industries analyzers arrived, we turned them on, and they worked. The software in the analyzers is like no software I’ve used before—there are no errors. The analyzers are very stable and nothing has ever gone wrong with them.”

    — Bob Benjaminson, V-SAFE
  • “We use an FGA4000XDS analyzer in the design, development, and testing of biomass and wood-burning stoves. Our sampling environment can be very hot and dirty; the analyzer performs admirably even in these conditions. We use the analyzer to help ensure compliance with EPA regulations and find the measurements to be very accurate.”

    — Thomas P. Morrissey, Woodstock Soapstone Company
  • “I have been a user of Infrared Industries products since 2004 and have seen the progress and personal customer service increase in quality. The IR-208 model has performed excellently in our corrosive environment.”

    — Engineer, Metals and Chemicals Manufacturer

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