IR-6400DC Handheld Gas Analyzer

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  • Total hydrocarbon (THC) analyzer
  • Multi-language LCD display
  • Built-in data recorder
  • Compact and self-contained – fits in your hand
  • Fast warm-up: less than 30 seconds

Now you have the power of our industrial gas analyzers in your hand with the IR-6400DC (compensated) Total Hydrocarbon (THC) Handheld Gas Analyzer. The IR-6400DC is compact, lightweight, fast responding, highly accurate and reliable, and perfect for on-the-go testing.

The IR-6400DC is specifically designed to measure CH4 (methane) in addition to the full range of hydrocarbons. This allows the analyzer to distinguish a discrete CH4 value to either be read separately from the THC reading or subtracted from it. The benefit here is the CH4 being a naturally occurring hydrocarbon is not required to be reported as a constituent of the THC reading. The problem has been that methane is very difficult to separate from other hydrocarbons and therefore becomes a component of the measured THC reading. The ability to distinguish and separate the CH4 component allows the CH4 constituent to be removed from the THC reading, allowing the analyzer to report only the THC actually generated by the process requiring monitoring and reporting.The IR-6400DC reads total hydrocarbons and calibrates to a propane standard. Optional standards such as butane are available upon request.

Features and Benefits

Multi-language LCD Display

Text can be displayed on the LCD display in English, Spanish, or Arabic. If you have a need for several units in another language, please contact us to discuss.

Built-in Data Recorder

The IR-6400DC Handheld Gas Analyzer has a built-in recorder that stores data, which can later be downloaded to a PC for analysis and safekeeping.

InfraView Software

You can hook up an IR-6400DC analyzer to your PC and use InfraView Software from Infrared Industries to control, display, and graph the data from the IR-6400DC and up to seven additional Infrared Industries gas analyzers or benches.

Infrared Industries Manufactured Components

The IR-6400DC is a completely self-contained gas analyzer. Each unit contains Infrared Industries manufactured elements, which include a filter, pump, optical bench, and detectors.


General Specifications
Measuring method Multi-channel NDIR single beam
Gases measured C3H8 and CH4
Output RS232
Power External: 10V - 16V DC
Internal: Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack
Sample flow Internal sample pump
Ambient operating temperature 35° F to 110° F (1.7° C to 43.3° C)
Sample temperature 32° F to 482° F (0° C to 250° C)
Materials in sample flow path Gold, sapphire, 303 stainless steel, and Viton
Response time Less than 10 seconds
Warm-up time Less than 30 seconds
Display Backlit LCD, graphic, 128 x 64, multi-language (English, Spanish, and Arabic)
Front panel 5-button operator interface
Dimensions 7.5" x 3.5" x 2"
Weight Less than 2 lbs.
Standard Gases Measured
Gas Range Resolution Accuracy
Methane(CH4) 0.5% - 10% .01% ± 2% full scale
Propane(C3H8) 0.5% - 10% .01% ± 2% full scale
Accessories and Options Included Optional
Sample hose x
Rechargeable battery x
Serial cable x
One year warranty x
InfraView Software x
External printer x
Extended warranty x


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