Low-Pressure Industrial Filter

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The Infrared Industries Low-Pressure Industrial Filter is rated at up to 100 psi. The upper and lower casings are all stainless steel construction wrapped around a polycarbonate bowl. The filter has an o-ring seal and a scatter shield to keep the filter in place if it is ever over-pressured.

The filter is a standard 2.5 and several different grades of filter elements are available. The filter has an 1/8" port and an 1/4" NPT in and out. It is also available in an 1/8" NPT in and out. The low-pressure filter is durable enough and of such solid construction that it can be mounted outside with no special enclosure requirement.

The Low-Pressure Industrial Filter is a good general purpose filter for use in an industrial application. It does have an upper pressure limit of 100 psi. This filter would be used post regulator in a high pressure sampling application.


General Specifications
Polycarbonate hex bowl yes
Stainless steel upper and lower casings yes
Easy replacement of internal filter yes
O-ring seals yes
Scatter shield to keep filter in place if over-pressured yes
Bracket mounting optional
Rated up to 100 psi
Different types of filter media available Tri-compound coalescing
5 micron and 10 micron
Port size 1/8" or 1/4" NPT




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