Gas Analyzer Selection Guide – Industrial

This chart helps you choose which Infrared Industries gas analyzer to purchase. If you are interested in an optical bench, which can be built into your system, please consult our NDIR Optical Bench Selection Guide.

FEATURE OR REQUIREMENT IR-208 IR-6000 Series IR-6400DC IR-8400D IR-8400DC IR-8400D Dual Stream IR-8400DOX
Form Factor
Handheld x
Black box
Rack mounted x
Panel mounted x
Wall mounted
Console x
Portable x
Explosion proof, NEMA 7 certified enclosure optional x
Dustproof x x x
Weatherproof x
Custom x
Touch screen graphic LCD display x x
Touch screen graphic LED display
Soft key, LCD display
Magnetic key interface x
Multi-language x
Gas Measurement
Measure up to 5 gases simultaneously x x x
Measure up to 6 gases simultaneously x
Choice of over 270 gases to measure x x
NDIR infrared sensor x x x
Electrochemical, paramagnetic, or other sensors optional optional optional
Multiple sample streams IR-8400D Dual Stream only
Bluetooth optional
USB adapter required
Automatic calibration x
Extended warranty – extends warranty for two years (standard warranty of one year is included) x x x
Portable printer x
InfraView Software x x x
Your Application
CO2 and O2 based ventilation x x
Combustion monitoring for boilers and furnaces x x
Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) x x
Controlled atmospheres x x
Environmental monitoring x x x
Flue gas testing and measurement x x
Food processing x
Fruit and vegetable storage x
Hydrocarbon monitoring x x
Industrial x x x
Laboratory x
Landfill BTU calculations and process management x x
LEL monitoring – fuel tanks and gas lines x x
Monitoring atmospheres in heat treated and annealing furnaces and process steam control x x x
Petroleum company, refinery, or transfer station x x
Pharmaceutical x x
Process monitoring x x
Regulatory compliance x x x
Respiration studies x
Safety monitoring x x
Stack gas monitoring x
Steel production
Stove emissions certification x x
Toxic and hazardous gas detection x x
Utility x x
Well logging x

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