IR-208 Gas Analyzer

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  • Multi-gas capability
  • Numerous gas choices
  • Extreme accuracy
  • Excellent durability
  • Tailored to your application

Principles of Operation

The IR-208 Gas Analyzer integrates two different types of gas measurement into one instrument. A multiple channel infrared detector array utilizing a single beam infrared optical system detects target gases using specially designed narrow band-pass optical filters. Comparing the infrared absorption of the reactive detectors to the nonreactive detector in the array provide the comparative for measuring the gas concentration in the sample stream. With a choice of gases, up to 3 gases can be measured under infrared and up to 3 additional gases can be measured utilizing electrochemical cell, paramagnetic, or other sensors.

Need a Customized Application?

Do you have a unique application that consists of a different range of gas not currently detected in the IR-208? We can build a tailor-made gas analyzer that detects the gas of your choice.

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Features and Benefits

Infrared Industries Manufactured Components

The use of Infrared Industries manufactured optical elements, detectors, and filters guarantee low cost and consistent high quality.

Continuous Monitoring

The IR-208 features a long life, solid-state infrared detector designed for high performance and uninterrupted operation.

Manufacturing Volume and Experience

The experience that Infrared Industries has in manufacturing a large volume of analyzers results in high quality instrumentation at competitive prices.

High Accuracy

The IR-208 analyzer is calibrated to 1% of full scale without drift in calibration for 30 days. Each instrument has a LCD display for easy and accurate readouts. The IR-208's dependability, accuracy, and stability increase process control capability resulting in improved product quality and reduced process cost.

PC Connectivity

InfraView Software is provided to connect the IR-208 to a PC via RS232 output.

Easy Readability

The IR-208 features a large, easy-to-read 6.5” graphic LCD display.

Long-Term Stability

With multi-layered compensation and a high-quality electrochemical sensors, the IR-208 is designed for unsurpassed stability, accuracy, and durability.

Quality Composition

Superior materials including stainless steel sample cells and anti-reflective coatings on sapphire windows and selected o-rings mark the analyzer's construction.

Solid Performance

A rugged, long life solid-state detector assures durability.


  • Combustion analysis
  • Combustion efficiency
  • Burners and boilers (CO, C02)
  • Commercial ovens (CO, CO2, O2, NOx, SO2)
  • Controlled atmospheres
  • Heat treatment (CO, CO2, CH4)
  • Fermentation (CO2)
  • Controlled environments
  • Hazardous gas detection
  • Hydrocarbon monitoring
  • LEL monitoring - fuel tanks and gas lines
  • Process monitoring
  • Safety monitoring
  • Stack gas monitoring
  • Landfill BTU calculations
  • Stove emissions


General Specifications
Repeatability Less than 1% of full scale over 24 hours
Zero drift ± 1% of full scale per 24 hours
Span drift ± 1% of full scale per 24 hours
Linearity ± 0.5% of full scale fitted to theoretical curve
Noise level Less than 1% of full scale
Warm-up time 5 minutes
Temperature range 32° F to 122° F (O° C to 50° C)
Ambient humidity 0 - 95% non-condensing relative humidity
Analog Choice of: 0mV - 100mV, 0V - 1V, 0V - 5V, 0V - 10V DC
Digital RS232 bi-directional
Alarms Zero signal fault indication
Display 6.5" LCD
Gas Flow System
Materials Gold and stainless steel sample cells and reflective coatings
Sapphire windows and selected o-rings
Power 100V - 240V AC, 50 Hz - 60 Hz, 20W max
Dimensions 7" H x 17" W x 12" D (18 cm x 43 cm x 30 cm)
Weight 12 lbs. (5.5 kg)
Accessories and Options Included Optional
12 month warranty x
Rack mounting x
Hardware (19", 4U) x
InfraView Software for remote control and display from a PC x
4 to 20 mA (isolated) output x
Bluetooth x
Alarm relays x
USB (adapter required) x
Materials for corrosive gases and specialized enclosures, including NEMA-certified enclosure for hazardous environments x
Extended warranty x


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