New Gas Analyzer for R&D: the Versatile and Affordable Model IR-208

Hayward, CA – March 2, 2010 – Infrared Industries (IRI) announces the IR-208 Gas Analyzer, a versatile and robust instrument for applications including laboratory analysis, engineering development, QA testing, controlled environment monitoring, hazard detection and even field use.

Combing two types of gas measurement in one instrument, the IR-208 has the versatility to measure up to 6 gases simultaneously and offers a choice of over 250 gas species in total. In one unit, up to 3 gases can be measured with infrared and another 3 gases can be measured with chem-cell methods. The optical path length is adjusted based on customer application, target gases and gas concentrations to optimize for highest accuracy. The use of materials such as stainless steel sample cells and caps that are resistant to caustic elements allows usage with hazardous gases. In addition, the unit is built with high-precision elements for uninterrupted operation and high repeatability, low drift, high linearity and minimum noise level.

For greatest accuracy, the IR-208 has internal pressure and temperature compensation which eliminate potential variations in gas measurements due to unconditioned sample gas input. The analyzer is calibrated to +/- 1% of full scale without drift in calibration for a full 30 days. In addition, the IR-208 employs an independent IR channel for continuous reference measurements, which provides compensation against measurement variation due to age of the IR light-source or contamination of the sample chamber of the infrared signal.

The unit is 19” rack-mountable or stands freely, and weighs just 20 lbs. A large LCD displays results and allows for easy configuration, and PC connectivity can be used for full control. The unit is available for order and shipments immediately.

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