IR-741 Sample Conditioner

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  • Two point sampling with zero and span selection
  • Metered flow
  • Particulate filtration and condensation trap and diaphragm pump
  • Varied mounting options

The IR-741 Sample Conditioner is used for laboratory, industrial, and utilities applications. It features a built-in pump and a flow meter and provides the flow regulation required for accurate readings with any gas analyzer. A filter removes particulates and moderate amounts of water. This conditioner features inputs for two sample points as well as zero gas and calibration gas connections. The IR-741 is certified for NEMA 4 enclosures. This instrument is available for either corrosive or non-corrosive service and can be wall or desktop mounted.


  • Industrial
  • Utilities
  • Laboratories
  • Stove emissions certification


General Specifications
Feature Included Optional
Brass wetted components x
Desktop mount x
Oilless pump x
Flow meter (measures SCFH, SCFM, LPM, and LPH) - SCFH is standard x
Gas selector valve for zero, span (calibration), and sample gases x
Low pressure sample conditioner x
Metered flow to adjust rate of sample flow x
NEMA 4 certification x
NEMA 4 explosion proof enclosure x
Panel mount (wall) x
Particulate filter and condensation trap x
Stainless steel corrosive resistant components x
Two filter sample system x
One year standard warranty x
Extended warranty x
Sample Requirements
Sample flow 1 - 10 scfh (0.5-5 1/min)
Maximum inlet pressure 25 psig (172 kPa)
Maximum inlet temperature 175° F (79° C)
Minimum inlet temperature 32° F (0° C)




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