Software Selection Guide

Analytic and Research x
Energy and Utilities x
Environmental x x
Industrial x
Motor Vehicle x
Petroleum x
Remote Control of Gas Analyzers and Benches
One analyzer x
Up to 8 gas analyzers and/or benches x
Actions That Can Be Performed
Calibrate analyzer or bench with calibration gas x x
Configure how frequently to record to a file and how often to refresh what’s being measured on the screen x
Configure what to display on the PC screen x
Customize printout with your logo, company information, and other information x x
Display gas values as PPM (parts per million) or percentage units and toggle between different measurement units x x
Display values of five gases: HC, CO, CO2, O2, and NO x x
Display values of up to six individual gases and dual curves for three gases x
Display values of tachometer, lambda, Air to Fuel Ratio (AFR), and temperature x
Gather time-based statistics for each individual analyzer or bench x
Play back stored data from a file on the PC screen x x
Plot data on a graph of an individual gas or a graph of all data x x
Pump on and pump off from the software x x
Record up to 30 minutes of data from the analyzer or bench to a csv file x x
Reset (power cycle) the analyzer or bench x x
Run GPM (Grams Per Mile) test x
Set global configurations and analyzer-specific configurations x
Zero point can be set for all gases x x

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