Infrared Industries Boosts CEM Workhorse IR-8400D Digital Gas Analyzer

Infrared Industries has added three enhancements to their IR-8400D continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) digital gas analyzer. Tailored for the petroleum industry, the IR-8400D is designed specifically for enhanced oil recovery applications, refineries and petroleum transfer stations and other environmental monitoring applications.

Enhanced Temperature Controller System

The IR-8400D has been upgraded with a newly designed and enhanced temperature controller system, which is capable of stabilizing temperatures to within half a degree. This feature dramatically improves long-term reading stability over a broad range of temperatures and environmental conditions. It also allows the IR-8400D to accurately measure down to single parts per million (ppm) increments, which further cements its proven ability for long-term accuracy and reliability.

Automatic Calibration

Due to its explosion-proof NEMA7 enclosure, rugged durability, isolated 4-20 mA outputs and other robust features such as temperature and pressure compensation, the IR-8400D is frequently deployed where long-term unattended monitoring is needed and environmental conditions are harsh. Without going offline, the new auto calibration feature allows the analyzer to calibrate and update itself without any operator assistance. This feature offers consistent and reliable automatic calibration and frees personnel from routine site visits to perform required maintenance.

Multiple Sample Stream Monitoring

A single IR-8400D analyzer can now monitor multiple points or sample streams. The primary application for this is differential monitoring where the sample gas is measured before and after a process has been performed. For example, to evaluate process performance, the IR-8400D could simultaneously monitor both the inlet and outlet streams of a charcoal bed used for hydrocarbon filtering. This would allow the IR-8400D to automatically trigger the regeneration process or switch charcoal beds when the differential exceeded the set parameters.

“Since 1998, the IR-8400D has been the analyzer of choice for vapor recovery system and transfer station monitoring. Specifically designed from the ground up for the harshest environments of the oil and gas industry, the IR-8400D also excels in a host of demanding CEM applications as well,” said Mark Russell, CEO of Infrared Industries. “These three enhancements – enhanced temperature controller system, automatic calibration and multiple sample stream monitoring – give the customer maximum flexibility and functionality in an already highly reliable and rugged cutting edge gas analyzer.”

Automatic Calibration and Multiple Sample Stream Monitoring are optional features. For more information on the IR-8400D Digital Gas Analyzer, call Infrared Industries at 510-782-8100 or visit /ir-8400d.

About Infrared Industries, Inc.

Infrared Industries, Inc. is a leading developer and producer of state-of-the-art gas analyzer instrumentation to assist in process control, regulatory compliance, pollution control and many types of research including alternative fuel and petrochemical development. Founded in 1959, the company is widely respected and recognized in the automotive, oil and gas, industrial, environmental, analytic and research, and utility industries for its rugged, reliable, accurate, and affordable analyzers. Infrared Industries’ years of experience in these markets is reflected in its wide array of gas analyzer products for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and customer applications.

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