Improved Control and Display Software “InfraView” Manages Up to Eight Gas Analyzers

Hayward, CA – July 11, 2010 – Infrared Industries (IRI) announces InfraView, a simple yet powerful new software program for control and display of its industry-leading portfolio of gas analyzers.

With over 30 years successfully servicing the needs for dependable and affordable gas analyzers in the automotive, analytical, industrial and environmental-compliance industries, IRI provides state-of-the-art tools to assist in process control, regulatory compliance, pollution control and many types of research including alternative fuel and petrochemical development. The new InfraView software from IRI allows easier remote control and better data manipulation compared to previous versions of the software.

With InfraView, users can now control and display results for up to eight analyzers simultaneously, which allows for much more efficient operation compared to the single-instance of prior versions. Another major advancement is datalogging, which allows unlimited recording of test data to be stored on a PC hard drive. In addition, the software now implements advanced graphical capability, including Zoom, as well as Customized time periods, Time-based statistics and choice of Normalized or Actual values. In response to customer demand, the Playback feature is enhanced and users can now input notes based on time-stamp.

InfraView control features included the initiation of Calibration, Zero and Measurement modes. For remotely located analyzers or for multiple analyzers in a test array, InfraView simplifies the process of test initiation, equipment maintenance and the collection/analysis of measurement data.

InfraView is available for all Infrared Industries gas analyzers and optical benches. A trial version can be downloaded free-of-charge (contact us for a copy) and permanent version is available now as an option for any unit. InfraView is Windows-based and is compatible with new and existing Infrared Industries gas analyzers.

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